Data Areas & Stewards

U-M continues to evolve and adapt to changing data landscapes. Likewise, data stewardship roles are also undergoing a transformation to meet the institution's emerging needs. The university is actively reassessing these roles to ensure they reflect our commitment to excellence in data management, security, and governance.

Information about these changes will be communicated as the framework is refined. To support stewards through this transition, the university will be providing targeted training resources. This initiative will help individuals to maintain uniform standards in data creation, curation, and the protection of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of university data, all while staying compliant with U-M policies as well as federal and state laws and regulations.

We also recognize the power of collective knowledge and experience. To this end, we encourage those responsible for stewarding the institution’s data to tap into our Community of Practice. This community is designed to facilitate connections and provide a support network for individuals who are navigating similar challenges and opportunities within the data stewardship landscape. Through these collaborative groups, stewards can share best practices, develop new skills, and remain at the forefront of effective data management strategies. Keep an eye out for information and updates regarding roles and the accompanying support measures.

Data Areas


Please email any U-M Data Governance questions to [email protected].