Student Life Data Stewards

Student Life facilitates transformational student experiences by advancing student learning and development, fostering well-being, and cultivating an inclusive and equitable campus community. The institutional data collected and used in support of this important work is grouped in five main categories: Auxiliary Operations, Dean of Students, Health and Well-Being, Infrastructure, and Student Development.

Executive Data Steward
Martino Harmon
Vice President for Student Life
Data Area Liaison
Janel Sutkus
Director, Student Life Research

Auxiliary Operations: Facilities

Data Steward
John Healy
Director, Student Life Facilities

Auxiliary Operations: Michigan Dining

Data Steward
Steve Giardini
Director, Michigan Dining

Auxiliary Operations: Michigan Housing

Data Steward
Rick Gibson
Director, University Housing

Auxiliary Operations: Sustainability

Data Steward
Alex Bryan
Director, Student Life Sustainability

Auxiliary Operations: University Unions

Data Steward
Susan Pile
Senior Director of University Unions & Auxiliary Services

Dean of Students: Dean of Students Office

Data Steward
Nicole Banks
Associate Dean of Students
Data Steward
Sarah Daniels
Associate Dean of Students

Dean of Students: Fraternity and Sorority Life

Data Steward
Travis Martin
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Dean of Students: Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Data Steward
Anne Huhman
Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Dean of Students: Student Accessibility and Accommodations Services

Data Steward
Feranmi Okanlami
Director, Student Accessibility and Accommodations Services

Dean of Students: Student Legal Services

Data Steward
U. Ashwin Patel
Interim Director, Student Legal Services

Health and Well-Being: Recreational Sports

Data Steward
Michael Widen
Director, Recreational Sports

Health and Well-Being: University Health and Counseling

Data Steward
Lindsey Mortenson
Executive Director, University Health and Counseling

Health and Well-Being: Wolverine Wellness

Data Steward
Mary Jo Desprez
Director, Wolverine Wellness

Infrastructure: Business and Finance

Data Steward
Lisa Harris
Director, Student Life Budget and Finance

Infrastructure: Communications, Marketing, and Design

Data Steward
Nick Kaleba
Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Infrastructure: Human Resources

Data Steward
Jaime Cox
Director, Student Life Human Resources

Infrastructure: Research

Data Steward
Janel Sutkus
Director, Student Life Research

Infrastructure: Technology Solutions

Data Steward
Eric Pinaud
Director, Student Life Technology Solutions

Student Development: Ginsberg Center

Data Steward
Neeraja Aravamudan
Director, The Edward Ginsberg Center

Student Development: International Center

Data Steward
Judith Pennywell
Director, International Center

Student Development: Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Data Steward
Nadia Bazzy
Director, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Student Development: Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Data Steward
Erik Wessel
Director, Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Student Development: Program on Intergroup Relations

Data Steward
Monita Thompson
Co-Director, The Program on Intergroup Relations

Student Development: Spectrum Center

Data Steward
Jesse Beal
Director, Spectrum Center

Student Development: Trotter Multicultural Center

Data Steward
Kyra Shahid
Director, Trotter Multicultural Center

Student Development: University Career Center

Data Steward
Louise Jackson
Director, University Career Center