Data Governance

Data governance at U-M is a collection of practices and processes which helps to ensure the formal management of data assets across the institution. Data governance can help the university by:

  • Advancing U-M’s research, teaching, and clinical missions
  • Enabling decision-making for university leaders
  • Presenting opportunities for cross-institutional collaboration

Data Stewardship Today

U-M has a long-standing data stewardship framework that supports access to and sharing of administrative data across the university. The framework also provides a support model that aligns and coordinates data stewards, data requestors, and central IT system owners.  A Community of Practice has been formed for Data Stewards and Data Managers.

Data Governance Revitalization

Sponsored jointly by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and the Office of the Provost, the Data Governance Revitalization effort began in 2018 and endeavors to increase access to and usability of institutional data while minimizing risk to the university. 

A cross-campus working group developed recommendations and a Case for Change for updating the existing data governance model to support the current data environment at U-M.

Drivers for Revitalization

  • Unclear data request process
  • Slow and ad-hoc data request reviews
  • Inconsistent data sharing practices 
  • Minimal audit trails
  • Need for data to support decision making

Benefits of Change

  • Consistent guidelines and practices related to data access, data quality and use, and data for decision-making
  • Increased access to and usability of data 
  • A culture of data citizenship and literacy

Initial Focus

The tenets and practices of a revitalized data governance plan will initially focus on enterprise data, which is used for accreditation, compliance, and findings impacting the institution, as well as scalability to the myriad databases, data sets, and data warehouses existing centrally and within units.

Campus Engagement

Members of the university community will have opportunities to hear about the Data Governance Revitalization effort; understand how the changes will benefit faculty, staff, and students and the institution as a whole; and ask questions about aspects of the plan. Look for more information in the coming weeks and months.


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