2018 Michigan IT Symposium Posters

Posters for this year's symposium align with categories in an IT practice area or a category related to the culture and community of IT at Michigan.

IT Practice Areas

IT Culture and Community

The following 2018 Michigan IT Symposium posters will be on display in the Vandenberg and Hussey Rooms of the Michigan League, Wednesday, November 28, from 3:30–5:30 p.m. and all day Thursday, November 29. Poster presenters will be available for discussion and questions in the afternoon session on November 28 and from 10:40 a.m.–12:15 p.m. on November 29.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • DEI Tips on Improving Customer Service
    Jane Berliss-Vincent and Sue McDowell, ITS/Support Services; Stephanie Dascola, HITS; and Jasmine Pawlicki, University Library
  • Intercultural Communication: Low and High Context Cultures
    Willy Wangsa, School of Dentistry - Dental Informatics

How We Work

  • Auditing IT - A Defense in Depth Approach
    Wayne Carpenter and Suzanna Friedly, University Audits
  • Utilizing Visual Management to Manage Daily Work
    Crystal Weeks, Mini Chalil, Beverly Wolfe, and Margo Winters, HITS - Ambulatory & Portal Apps
  • Training Certification for Security Incident Reporting
    Heather Miller and Josh Stuempges, Office of University Development, Development Services Team
  • Knowledge, Empowerment, and Support: The Keys to Healthy Performance Improvement
    Gray Carper and Erik Zempel, Health Information Technology & Services
  • The Making of a Museum Online Exhibition: Theory and Practice
    Julia Falkovitch-Khain, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
  • Policies Unpublicized: Protecting Content in LSA Gateway and Unit Portals in AEM
    Jessica Wolking, Whitney Dye, and Jay Cook, LSA Web Services
  • Behavior Driven Development with Jenkins and Cucumber Automation Framework
    Ajitha Devarajan and Luke Palnau, Office of University Development -Development Services and Strategic Solutions-Agile Team; and Ramya Kommareddi, Office of University Development-Web and Data Integration

IT Services & Tools Case Studies

  • School of Social Work Timekeeping System
    Randall Bilby, School of Social Work
  • Low Cost Lecture Capture
    Melinda Kraft, ITS Teaching and Learning and Brian Vanderziel, College of Pharmacy
  • Workload Automation in the Cloud
    Janet Przybylski, Justin DeNeen, and Nancy Charles, ITS/Enterprise Application Services (EAS)
  • CAENbuntu: Secure and Stable Ubuntu Delivered by Ansible
    Dakota Lambert, CAEN
  • Michigan Medicine Identity and Access Management Standards
    Jeff Cline, David Tumbarello, and Niraj Shah, HITS Identity and Access Management
  • Data that Plays Well with Others: Extending Canvas with APIs
    Emily Springfield and Kate Weber, Dentistry
  • Michigan Medicine Device Support for Service Providers
    Kenneth C. Ray, Frank Schilling, Wei Wang, Kenneth C. Ray, and Wei Wang, HITS- Michigan Medicine
  • Sensitive Data Discovery: (Free) Scanning at Scale
    Brandon Bailey and Ross Geerlings, Information Assurance
  • Data Concierge at Michigan Medicine
    Kyle Kerbawy, HITS
  • DUO: Protecting You and the U Two-Factor @ Weblogin Expansion
    Kyle Cozad, ITS
  • U-M Careers Fluid Candidate Gateway
    Chris Fillmore, ITS EAS
  • Digital Signage for Team Communication
    Dave McConnell and James Lengerich, ITS Support Services
  • MiData: Student Data Privacy Tool
    Imani Tarpeh, Ray Cao, and Imani Tarpeh, ITS EAS; and Mengdan Yuan, ITS Teaching & Learning
  • Efficient Data Warehouse Processing Using Informatica
    Jeanette Balaze and Yonghee Stevens, ITS Information Quest
  • Identity Governance Tool
    Mike Kijewski, HITS IAM; Aimee Lahann, and Victoria Green, ITS IAM
  • Network Automation Banishes Tedium and Configuration Errors
    Kristoffer Steinhoff and Nicholas Grundler, ITS Infrastructure-Networks
  • Scaling Border Network Security at the University of Michigan
    Eric Boyd, Daniel Kirkland, and Daniel Eklund, ITS Infrastructure - Networks
  • Transforming Network Monitoring: perfSONAR Embedded in Network Devices
    Edward Colone, ITS Infrastructure - Networks
  • Projectplace - Bringing Agile & Waterfall Project Management Together
    Jennifer Murray, ITS Project Management Office
  • Virtual Data Center (vDC) in AWS for ITS
    Brandon Swickerath, ITS System Support; Matthew Chess, ITS Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure; and David Nowell, ITS Information Quest
  • MPressive: Getting Help with the Push of a Button
    Chris Stockbridge, LSA-TS (Advocacy and Research Support)
  • UM-Turk: Leveraging Live, Online Data Explorations in Psychology Lecture Sections
    Abbey Roelofs and Chris Stockbridge, LSA-TS Advocacy & Research Support
  • Faculty Economics and Planning: Faculty Compensation and Productivity Benchmarking
    Noah Allington, Katelyn Sleder, and Tyler Hughes, Medical School Finance

Precision Health & Patient Care

  • Combating Flu with E-Visits
    Haley Haddad, University of Michigan Medical Group and Adam Schneider, Health Information Technology & Services
  • The Lifecycle of Population Management Decision Support
    Elizabeth Seif, Ambulatory Care Services and Meghan Monson, HITS – MiChart
  • State Innovation Model: Towards a Learning Health System to Reduce Emergency Department Visits
    Karandeep Singh, MD, MMSc, Learning Health Sciences and Sean R. Meyer, MBA, Design Science/College of Engineering
  • The Michigan Data Collaborative: Providing Comprehensive Healthcare Data Across the State of Michigan
    Martin Kosla, PhD, Jennie Macy, Susan Stephan, Martin Kosla, PhD, and Susan Stephan, Health Information Technology & Services


  • PrivaScope - Resolve Data Privacy Challenges for Research
    Kristoffer Steinhoff, ITS Infrastructure-Networks and James Ostrander, ITS Enterprise Application Services
  • Minimizing Cybersickness through Increased-Intensity Habituation
    Erin Neaton, School of Information
  • Adversarial Text Generation for Google's Perspective API
    Erin Neaton, School of Information
  • Data Analysis at Scale with Cavium Thunder X
    Jeremy Hallum, Seth Meyer, and Marc Patton, ARC-TS
  • Research A-Z: A New Comprehensive Content Management System to Simplify the Maintenance and Dissemination of Research Guidance Documents at the University of Michigan
    Amy Puffenberger, M.A.M., Animal Care & Use Program and Morgan Hayward, M.Ed., Medical School Office of Research
  • OSiRIS: Open Storage Research Infrastructure
    Ben Meekhof, ARC-TS and Shawn McKee, Physics
  • Computer-Controlled Instruments: Management, Security, and Lifecycle
    Chris Lilienthal, Betty Narvaez-Rodriguez, and Nickolas Robinson, Life Sciences Institute

Teaching & Learning

  • Unleashing the Value of Learning Data: Building a Unified Data Platform
    John Johnston, ITS Teaching & Learning
  • Capturing Conversations: A Database of Digital Learning Tools
    Anthony King, LSA - TS (ISS)
  • BA 200 and FCI: A novel approach to collaborative course design
    Elizabeth Fomin, LSA-IT
  • Generating Learning Data at Scale - Cloud-based learning analytics infrastructure
    Sean DeMonner and Anthony Whyte, ITS Teaching and Learning
  • Contributing to a Culture of Improved Assessment and Evaluation through Enhanced Technology
    Suzy McTaggart and Elizabeth Holman, Evaluation & Assessment/Office of Medical Student Education and Nicolette Franck, Education Informatics & Technologies/Health Information Technology and Services
  • IQ/SI Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Collaboration
    Glenn Auerbach, IQ
  • Building the (un)Dashboard: Visualizing Learning Analytics for Student Success
    Jennifer Love, ITS Teaching & Learning

Michigan IT Community

  • Your Better Foot Forward: CV/Portfolio Websites through LSA Web Services
    Jeremiah Cook, LSA Web Services
  • Michigan IT Community: Get Connected!
    Michigan IT Steering Committee