Michigan IT Events

Tours & Activities

Michigan IT strives to offer opportunities to network, socialize, and discover firsthand the technology across the university that drives innovation and helps make U-M leaders and best. Take a break and make time to join us! Learn more about the upcoming tours and activities you can take part in.

Big Ten Data Viz Championship

The Big Ten Data Viz Championship is part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s collaboration to celebrate International Love Data Week.

Tech Showcase & Social

The new Tech Showcase & Social event spotlights emerging technology across the university and provides opportunities to strengthen community bonds through numerous activities. The goal is to cultivate a sense of curiosity, cooperation, and unity within the community to create a more connected, collaborative, and innovative learning environment.

Hacks with Friends

Revisit past Hacks with Friends events and stay tuned for future plans.

Michigan IT Symposium

Review past posters, breakout sessions, and presentations from our past Michigan IT Symposium events.