Michigan IT Mentor Program

The Michigan IT Mentor program is an opportunity for U-M IT staff to expand their networks, share knowledge, and work towards professional development goals. As part of this program, U-M IT staff can volunteer to be matched with a mentor within the Michigan IT community for a four-month period. 

The sign-up period for the 2021 program has closed. 

The objectives of the program are to begin to build a culture of mentorship across the Michigan IT community and to provide Michigan IT staff with opportunities to form relationships that help us perform better in our jobs and grow our careers.

What is a mentor program?

A mentor program enables matching of more-senior with more-junior staff for the purposes of individual career growth and understanding. While we often think of mentor programs as a mentor sharing knowledge and experience with a mentee, mentors also learn and grow through the process of mentoring.

Who can participate

Current IT staff employed by U-M who are willing to put the time and energy into making their mentor/mentee relationship a success are welcome to participate in the program. Please note that the program requires participants to have availability during normal business hours. 

Time commitment

Mentors and mentees can expect to spend only a couple hours a month during the four-month program. Activities include:

  • Initial orientation session (drop-in session conducted via videoconference)
  • Initial start-up activities
    • Mentors: Write your bio & interests, read up on what it means to be a mentor.
    • Mentees: Determine your goals for what you want to get out of the program and read up on what it means to be a mentee.
  • Participate in monthly, one-on-one mentoring meetings (and prepare for and follow-up from each)
    • Note: Mentees are responsible for setting up meetings with their mentor. You may meet more or less frequently based on your mentoring relationship!
  • Provide feedback to the planning team through a feedback session and/or online survey.

How the program works

  1. Mentor sign-up: U-M IT staff interested in becoming a mentor sign up online and provide their bio and “mentoring interests.”
  2. Mentee sign-up: U-M IT staff interested in becoming a mentee sign up online and provide their mentoring goals.
  3. Orientation: Mentors and Mentees participate in an online orientation session.
  4. Match: The Mentor program team will match mentees with mentors based on their mentoring goals. (See Matching methodology.)
  5. Meet: Once matched, mentees have the responsibility of reaching out to their mentor to set up roughly monthly mentoring meetings during the 4-month period.
  6. Feedback: After the 4 month period ends, mentors and mentees will be invited to provide feedback about the program to the planning team.
  7. Next steps: Mentors and mentees can choose whether or not to continue their mentoring relationship after the 4 month matching period ends.

Resources & tips

Presentations & Templates

Resources for Mentees

Resources for Mentors

Resources for Group Mentoring

Matching process

The mentor program team will attempt to match as many staff with a mentor as possible. The team will match mentors and mentees based on individual mentoring/professional development goals and areas of interest. We will also make every attempt to match you with someone outside of your normal work group or reporting line.


The mentor program team uses the following methodology to match mentors and mentees:

  1. Match mentees with a mentor who has a mentoring interest that meets a mentee's mentoring goals
  2. Spread the mentees across as many mentors as possible
  3. If we do not have a mentor with mentoring interests that meet a mentee's mentoring goals:
    1. Match mentees and available mentors based on similar availability or area of the organization
    2. Ask mentees to review bios of available mentors and decide whether to choose a new mentor or pass on the program
    3. Reach out to/recruit other mentor candidates and invite them to participate in the program 

The Mentor Program is an optional program, so we may have instances when we have more mentees than mentors, or there may not be a mentor or mentee who shares your interests. If we're not able to match you with someone this time, we'll work hard to include you in a future round!


The Michigan IT Mentor Program is sponsored by the Office of the VPIT-CIO and the Michigan IT Steering Committee. You can contact the mentor program team by emailing michigan-it-mentor@umich.edu.