Resources for Communities of Practice

Here are some resources to help you facilitate and grow your community at Michigan. If you have any questions or additional resources to share, please email [email protected].

  • Community of Practice Facilitators Group
    This community of practice for facilitators was established to share resources, challenges, tips, support and tools among Michigan IT communities of practice. Our goal is to provide an ecosystem that sustains healthy, vibrant, and relevant communities.
  • Community of Practice Calendar
    Add the Google Calendar called "Michigan IT Communities of Practice Meetings" to your calendar and use it to create your CoP meeting invites. Events created on this calendar show up on the CIO website, Michigan IT newsletter, and other locations. CoP facilitators can request access by emailing [email protected]. (Please be mindful not to change any other meetings on the calendar, other than you own!)
  • Community of Practice Guide for Inspiration
    This CoP guide contains stories and best practices from fellow CoP facilitators on a number of topics, including:
    • How to facilitate a meeting
    • Recruiting and retaining members
    • Scheduling meetings (and meeting rooms to consider)
    • Promoting your CoP
    • ...and more!
  • Michigan IT Templates & Logos
    Michigan IT presentation templates and logos to use in your CoP meetings and outreach.
  • Additional Lists and Groups
    This document lists a wide variety of U-M special interest groups, distribution lists, and other forums that may be of interest to members of the Michigan IT community.