Putting the Spotlight on Web Privacy

2022 Michigan IT Symposium - Helping to shape the future of learning, research & care - November 16 & 17, 2022

At U-M, we are committed to respecting the privacy of those who visit umich websites and being transparent about how we collect, use, and share their personal information. At the same time, the umich website environment is very distributed. Units, departments, labs, and researchers often develop and publish websites on their own, or with the help of third-party service providers, which could lead to an uneven application of privacy-protecting practices.

In 2022, ITS Information Assurance partnered with the Office of the VP for Communications to assess the umich web environment and pursue meaningful improvements to it. In this presentation you will see the results of the team’s assessment of the top 50 most visited umich sites, learn how the umich.edu website notice was redesigned, and walk through best practices for protecting and respecting the privacy of those who visit umich websites.

Putting the Spotlight on Web Privacy - Slide Presentation


Svetla Sytch | ITS, Christopher Billick | VP Comm, Klare Savka | ITS


Cybersecurity & Privacy

Area(s) of Focus

Knowledge, Administration