Managing Data at Scale - Control Costs and Your Time (Video)

2020 Michigan IT Symposium - November 10-12, 2020 - Innovative Solutions to Support the University Mission

Breakout Sessions: Tuesday, 3–3:45 p.m.

As data volumes grow faster than budgets it becomes important to control costs for data storage by identifying data by attributes of age, owner, and size quickly. Often a performance limited, human intensive, and prone to error, we will demonstrate tools and tactics to address massive data sprawl. 

In this presentation we will present how we:

  • Lowered cost of storage by 5.7x. 
  • Minimized time archiving data while avoiding common pitfalls. 
  • Automated data movement and maximized network utilization with Globus APIs. 
  • Find, copy, and compress data 10-50x than classic tools while being backwards compatible.


Brock Palen & Jeremy Hallum | ARC-TS


  • Current trends/topics/projects

Area(s) of Focus

  • Research
  • Precision Health & Patient Care
  • Michigan IT Community