Vulnerability Management: From Tears to Secure(ish)

Presented by: Joseph Lubomirski & Richard Durant | UM-Dearborn ITS


Vulnerability remediation was a painful process on campus. IT Admins would sit in a meeting room for hours going line by line through the vulnerability reports with little gained and almost nothing resolved. Over the period of a year, we changed the whole process with the help of our existing technology and people skills. We worked closely with our campus IT partners to help us identify and remediate these vulnerabilities. We use TeamDynamix to help us import and track the results of the scans, our remediation effort, and how quickly we resolved each vulnerability. This process allows us to determine how well we are meeting Security Standard DS-21 - Vulnerability Management. The presenters will share the new process including how to get buy-in from campus partners. While we will provide information about the scanning process, the focus of the presentation will be on what to do after you get the results.

Poster Session

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  • Michigan IT Community