The Value of a Center of Excellence

Presented by: James McLane, David Schmitke, Larry Chaffee & Ryan Vis | ITS


We live in a decentralized world; schools, colleges, and units sometimes use the same technology in ways not needed elsewhere at UM. While targeted solutions often fill a need, they can also put up barriers to collaboration and insights.

At UM, the Salesforce ecosystem has formed organically. Instances of Salesforce, called organizations, span the spectrums of size, purpose, and support. To help unify knowledge, structure, and process across all of these organizations, some form of centralized resources are needed.

The ITS Salesforce Center of Excellence (SFCOE) is that centralized resource. Mixing targeted project work, expert knowledge for consultations, strong relationships and partnerships, and direct support, the SFCOE fills a long-standing void on campus for which administrators desired central support. SFCOE activities include defining a standardized approach to Salesforce implementation that brings awareness of best practices, helps refine or create data models, and works with local administrators on improving their organizations.

This poster will discuss the broad needs campus has for effectively using Salesforce, how the ITS SFCOE is helping improve existing uses of Salesforce, bringing in new use cases, and responding to varied and unique needs on the platform. A cross-campus group will discuss past and ongoing projects, the value of consultative work, and how the future of the Center of Excellence can benefit all campuses.

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