Training in the Time of COVID-19

Presented by: Tom Oldershaw | HITS Learning Design and Delivery


To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Learning Design and Delivery (LDD) team underwent a one-week transition from in-person to virtual training. Normal operations involve over 400 learners a month across 80 in-person training sessions, helping clinical and operational staff learn how to use the software they rely upon to do their jobs. In order to protect HITS training staff and our learners from COVID-19, it was clear that in-person sessions couldn’t continue. Within a week the team selected and implemented a remote learning platform (WebEx), the LDD staff trained and became proficient in managing classes online, and entire courses were converted so that they could be effective in a virtual setting. By collaborating and working iteratively, the results of using techniques and tools in early classes were shared back with others in LDD, enabling our team to quickly develop proficiency in using WebEx and find effective ways to engage our remote learners and deliver instruction.

Poster Session

  • Poster Session 2: Wednesday


  • Working in crisis mode: impacts & related content

Area(s) of Focus

  • Teaching & Learning