Pioneers of a New FAR System: Launch of Faculty180 at Taubman College

Presented by: Ann Luke & Alison Rivett | Taubman College


Taubman College rolled out Faculty180, a faculty activity reporting system from Interfolio, this year. The system uses data pulls from central university resources: courses, evaluations, grants, scholarly citations, advisees, etc., to auto-populate fields. Some of the fields, such as university-wide committees, benefit from wider adoption across campus, in order to provide a richer data set for all users. We illustrate the roll-out process, reception, and results of this trial year, as well as user-interface challenges and forthcoming improvements.

Poster Session

  • Poster Session 1: Tuesday


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Area(s) of Focus

  • Administrative


Presenters were great!  Very important tool and hope others take advantage of it!