perfSONAR S3 Plugin

Presented by: Edward Colone & Abigail Fox | ITS Network Infrastructure


Simple Storage Service (S3) is a popular method of storing data in the cloud and on campus. Popular uses of the service range from personal file storage to large research data sets. It is important for researchers and others to be able to benchmark the speed of reading, writing, and deleting of objects in remote S3 storage volumes in order to ensure the network and filesystem are performing as expected.

In order to facilitate gathering these performance metrics, the University of Michigan has developed a S3 performance benchmarking plugin for the popular perfSONAR network toolkit. This allows any perfSONAR node to test not only the network performance between endpoints, but the entire disk-to-disk transaction. This plugin was developed by an ITS Intern, and was the result of a departmental project. It will be released as part of the next production perfSONAR release.

The plugin development was facilitated by the perfSONAR Plugin Development Kit (PDK) which was also developed here at Michigan. An overview of the PDK and how it facilitates inclusion of new tools in to perfSONAR will also be discussed.

#Network Storage Performance

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