The Michigan Medicine Data Asset Catalog

Presented by: Gillian Mayman & Jeff Chin | HITS Enterprise Data and Information Services,


The Data Asset Catalog is both the culmination and the starting point for a wide range of initiatives that aim to create stronger connections among members of the Michigan Medicine Data Community. The Catalog was created by HITS and is managed by Enterprise Data and Information Services (EDIS). Learning from past attempts to create an enterprise-wide catalog, EDIS has focused on creating a product that will be integrated into the work of multiple key initiatives as well as having staff prioritize creating sustainable processes and maintenance schedules.

The Data Asset Catalog provides detailed descriptions of data assets owned by data groups and departments across Michigan Medicine. This information has been collected by EDIS as part of the knowledge management process for the Data Concierge service. Integrated into the emerging Data Governance efforts, the Catalog reinforces both transparency and accountability for Michigan Medicine data assets. The Catalog also functions as a self-service option for data seekers, as a complement to the Data Concierge service. Links to related HITS Service Catalog items, including Data Access Management, are paired with the descriptions of data assets in the Data Asset Catalog. The Data Asset Catalog is currently in the final stages of development.

Poster Session

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