Michigan IT Mentorship Program

Presented by: Dan Stansih | Department of Pediatrics; ITS; HITS BusIT Customer Svc Admin


The University of Michigan has a large number of IT professionals in many roles, from desktop support to web design, programming high performance computing software to racking servers in data centers, monitoring networks throughput to planning a deployment to making sure that one finicky projector is working for that big presentation happening in an hour. One question that many IT professionals will have, what next? How do I advance to the next level? Who can I go to for career advice? How do can I safely talk to someone whose "been there"? The Michigan IT Mentorship Program seeks to help IT staff build their professional network by facilitating mentoring either in-person or remotely, individually or in groups. The Michigan IT Mentorship Program is seeing potential mentors and mentees as well as establishing and nurturing mentorship in our IT community.

Poster Session

  • Poster Session 1: Tuesday


  • Current trends/topics/projects

Area(s) of Focus

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Michigan IT Community