The Michigan Education Data Center: A repository for State of Michigan education data built on ITS infrastructure

Presented by: Kyle Kwaiser, Nicole Wagner-Lam, & Jasmina Camo-Biogradlija | Education Policy Initiative


The Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC) is a secure data clearinghouse that helps researchers use State of Michigan education data to answer critical questions that improve outcomes for students. For the last two years, U-M staff and faculty have established data pipelines leading from State of Michigan education databases to U-M ITS servers and on to researchers around the country. We'll overview the breadth of data now hosted at the U-M thanks to this unique relationship, discuss the process of aligning security requirements of two large organizations, and share how we're using ITS infrastructure to operationalize a data repository.

Poster Session

  • Poster Session 3: Thursday


  • Current trends/topics/projects

Area(s) of Focus

  • Research
  • Michigan IT Community