Integrating Disparate Systems to Streamline Self-Service

Presented by: Rick Getchell, Paul Warr, & Elizabeth Barrieault | ITS Service Center


In 2019, a small team of staff from across ITS came together to update a decades-old service: Targeted Email. What started with 200 campaigns per year has grown to more than 1000 in recent years, and the ITS Service Center has historically absorbed the growth in a highly manual process. Over the past year, the team integrated disparate technologies (drupal, maestro, MySQL, TeamDynamix, and our existing email campaign system) to build Targeted Email Self-Service (TESS), releasing it on August 21, 2020. TESS empowers customers to do tasks previously handled by Service Center staff - such as building their email in a WYSIWYG editor and sending samples for internal review. It leverages commonly-requested standard populations and automated triggers for campaign reviews and approval. We expect TESS to improve customer experience while reducing Service Center processing efforts by 30%, with room for future improvements to potentially reduce effort further.

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