Alumni Association DART Integration 2.0: Implementing a Real Time Integration

Presented by: Bilal Muta, Caitlin Gilmco, & Satya Makani | Alumni Association


This poster will focus on the overview of the Alumni Association DART Integration Project 2.0 that was completed in collaboration with ITS and OUD. The previous version of the project involves architecture where AAUM used to receive updates in CSV files once a day or once every few days. AAUM updated the salesforce data from CSV files using Jitter bit, an open source ETL tool. With the new version of the project, we came up with an architecture that is much more flexible, real-time and robust by using Rabbit-MQ server and Informatica. Rabbit-MQ server is being used to store messages in a data queue. Informatica, a powerful ETL tool with strong automation capabilities, is used to extract and process those messages.

Poster Session

  • Poster Session 2: Wednesday


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