Michigan IT Newsletter

The Michigan IT Newsletter is sent to the Michigan IT community to provide updates, answer questions, and spark conversation about campus-wide efforts to improve IT services and invest in technologies that support U-M’s current and future needs.


Michigan IT Newsletter Working Group

The Michigan IT Newsletter Working Group has met since early 2015 to transform the newsletter into one that is more inclusive and supportive of the work, interests, and accomplishments of the greater Michigan IT community. The goals of the working group are to:

  • Seek out story ideas and topics that would be of interest to the broader Michigan IT community
  • Suggest improvements to the newsletter based on feedback from the community
  • Identify potential authors (and/or suggest articles or updates from other internal publications that may be appropriate to re-purpose)
  • Give and receive constructive feedback as part of the newsletter review process

If you are interested in joining the working group, or have any suggestions or feedback for the group, please email umit-cio-newsletter@umich.edu. To submit a story idea, please use the story suggestion form.

Other IT Publications & Events

Do you have a suggestion for other IT-related campus publications that we should include here? Please send them to umit-cio-newsletter@umich.edu.