Hacks with Friends Pitch Tips

Hacks with Friends 2018

Tips for Submitting a Pitch

Anyone in the Michigan IT community can pitch an idea for a Hacks with Friends project. The event is limited to the first 27 hacks submitted.

  • Name your pitch
  • Describe your pitch. Briefly describe your idea in 150-200 words or less. What inspired it? Describe goal or objective. This description will be published on the Hacks with Friends website with all other submissions.
  • Sell it with a video (optional) Create a short YouTube video about your pitch that is under 3 minutes in length. The more creative the better. Use it to sell your idea and recruit people to join your team. Be sure to state the problem your project will try to solve.
  • Attract talent. You will be asked to identify the types of resources and talent you think you'll need to complete the project. Remember the non-technical team members, too! Will you need a designer? Someone who is great at documentation? Someone who excels in thinking about process? With the right people on your team, you'll have an easier time getting to a working prototype!
  • Have fun!

You do not have to pitch an idea to participate in Hacks with Friends. Participants will have the opportunity to join a hack on the opening day of the event.

Submit a Pitch- Deadline Extended

The deadline to submit a pitch for a hack has been extended to 5 p.m., Friday, February 22. Great pitches have already come in, but we know more ideas are out there and we have space to accommodate a few more. Don’t delay!