Tips for Submitting a Hacks with Friends Pitch

Tips for Submitting a Pitch

Anyone in the U-M community can pitch an idea for a Hacks with Friends project. IT professionals can partner with U‑M faculty or staff to formulate a pitch for a project to attempt to find an IT solution to a problem they are facing in their unit or department. NOTE: You do not have to pitch an idea to participate and attend Hacks with Friends. Participants will have the opportunity to review the pitches for hacks and join a hack team when event registration opens on April 5, 2021.

What to include in your pitch proposal

  • Name your pitch
  • Describe your pitch. Briefly describe your idea in 150-200 words or less. What inspired it? Describe the goal or objective. This description will be published on the Hacks with Friends website with all other approved pitch submissions.
  • Category: Select the category your pitch fit into as outlined on the 2021 HWF homepage.
    • Accelerating Research: Explore ways to tackle challenges around enabling cost-effective and at-scale provisioning of on-premise and cloud-based computing, storage, networking, and visualization services and tools.
    • Business Administration: Explore how to leverage technology in business offices to provide solutions to eliminate routine, mundane tasks, provide improved interfaces, enable integrations between key systems, or remove redundancies.
    • Cybersecurity: Explore new tool sets that will ensure university assets are secured in this rapidly evolving field.
    • Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality: Explore how U-M can reduce its carbon emissions to levels that are environmentally sustainable.
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI): Explore technological solutions to ensure that each member of the U-M community is given full opportunity to thrive.
    • Other: Your own original idea related to a specific discipline, the university, or its mission.
  • Sell it with a video Create a short video about your pitch that is under 3 minutes in length. The more creative the better. Use it to sell your idea and recruit people to join your team. Be sure to state the problem your project will try to solve. Use your phone or a private Zoom meeting to record and provide a link to your video. Videos can be shared on Youtube, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Attract talent. You will be asked to identify the skills and talent you think you'll need to complete the project. Remember your team will benefit from non-technical team members, too! Project managers, documentation specialists and business analysts bring a lot to the success of a project. Will your project benefit from a designer, business analyst, or project manager? What about someone who is great at documentation or someone who excels in thinking about process? With the right people on your team, you'll have an easier time getting to a working prototype! Review the list of possible positions you may want to consider for your team.
  • Have fun!

Pitch submission deadline: March 17

Submit your pitch for Hacks with Friends 2021. Pitch submissions for the 2021 Hacks with Friends event will be accepted through the end of the day, Wednesday, March 17.