Hacks with Friends 2019

Hacks with Friends 2018

Save the date: The next Hacks with Friends event will be March 7–8, 2019

Hacks with Friends is an annual hack event sponsored by the U-M Office of the vice president for IT and CIO. All IT professionals from across U-M are invited to break away from their everyday activities and have some fun doing what they do best in a friendly competition. See the results of the 2018 event and discover how Hacks with Friends has evolved over the years.

The Evolution of Hacks with Friends

Hacks with Friends is not a new idea. It is an evolution of an idea that began in 2013 with “MSIS Hack Day.” The energy created from having a hack event for campus IT professionals grew. In the spring of 2015 an expanded Hacks with Friends event was tested. Participants from ITS, MCIT, and the School Dentistry joined in the fun. The success of that event paved the way for the Office of the CIO to open the invitation to the entire Michigan IT community and begin sponsoring Hacks with Friends on an annual basis.

Visit our archive of hack events for a look at how it all started and to get an idea of what to expect.

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