Hacks with Friends 2019

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The 2019 Hacks with Friends was the biggest and best event yet! More than 140 IT professionals from across Michigan IT gathered once again at the Ross School of Business to create 18 unique and amazing hacks. Participants came from units across the university including HITS, ITS, Dearborn, Michigan Medicine, the University Library, LSA, Ross School of Business, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Student Life, CAEN and the Office of Development. Each hack/project was built from scratch to completion during the two-day event, March 7-8, and presented for final judging on Friday afternoon. Judges praised the number of hacks that developed a minimal viable product in such a short amount of time and their impressive ability to present their concepts clearly and professionally. See for yourself. Browse the event highlights below or...

Welcome & Opening Remarks by Dr. Ravi Pendse, VPIT and CIO

Remarks by Dr. Andrew Rosenberg

The 2019 Hacks with Friends winner is…

1st Place - Team 15. ContaMiNot: A Sustainability App to Help You Find a Home for Your Trash

Team 15

Team Members

  • Jule Krüger, Institute for Social Research
  • A Bilge Ozel, Medical School
  • Chris Stockbridge, LSA-TS
  • Tom Pickren, OUD
  • Paul Bigler, ITS
  • Kyle Oberle, CAEN
  • Chris Eckmeter, CAEN
  • Jennifer Burch, ITS
  • Chris Hedly, HITS
  • Siqing Hu, HITS

Videos of Team 15

2nd Place - Team 14. U-M Studyspace

Team 14

Team Members

  • Jim Charters, ITS-Ann Arbor
  • Kyle Cochrane, ITS-Ann Arbor
  • Shun Han, CLASP
  • Imani Tarpeh, ITS-Ann Arbor and Dearborn Student
  • Jeran Norman, CAEN-CoE
  • John Pariseau, CAEN-CoE

Videos of Team 14

3rd Place - Team 10. Gitlab for Finding Security Bugs Early in the Coding Process

Team 10

Team Members

  • Rick Getchell, ITS-Information Assurance
  • Ben Balk, ITS-Infrastructure/Storage
  • Greg Benn, ITS-Support Services/ Service Support
  • Patrick Steffes, ITS-IAM

Videos of Team 10

4th Place Team - Team 19. Ask MiBot! Data at your fingertips

Team 19

Team Members

  • Amber McKenzie, ITS-Information Quest
  • Will Burns, ITS-Enterprise Application Systems
  • Mandie Chapman, ITS-Information Quest
  • Chris Rowland, ITS-Information Quest
  • Leticia Valdez, ITS-Information Quest
  • Zhen Qian, ITS-Teaching and Learning
  • Amy Marsh, ITS-Enterprise Application Systems
  • Chuyao Wang, Grad Student
  • Jane Zhao, ITS-Enterprise Application Systems
  • Britain Woodman, ITS-Teaching and Learning
  • Einor Jacobsen, HITS/Research Liaison
  • Michael Matola, ITS-Enterprise Application Systems
  • David Duenn, College of Engineering
  • Joseph Lipa, HITS/Research
  • Siyu Jia, Grad Student
  • Sinji Yang, LSA

Videos of Team 19

2019 Hacks with Friends Judges

  • Andrew Rosenberg, M.D.
    • Associate Professor of Anesthesiology & Internal Medicine
    • Chief Information Officer for Michigan Medicine
  • Catherine Curley
    • Chief Information Officer for the College of LSA
  • Marcelline Harris, PhD, RN
    • Associate Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing
      Department of Systems, Populations and Leadership

2019 Hacks with Friends Planning Team

  • Tom Amerman, ITS (Chair)
  • Christopher Visel, Ross IT
  • Sheri Fillip, Ross IT
  • Joel Iverson, ITS
  • Gretchen Kopmanis, LSA
  • Benjamin D Ibach, HITS
  • Joe Lubomirski, Dearborn ITS
  • Charles J Antonelli, LSA

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