Winning ideas at Hacks with Friends

We often celebrate the Michigan IT community for its creativity, innovation, and cross-departmental expertise. But there’s one event that truly bears out those claims: Hacks with Friends.
Hacks with Friends 2018 first place team photo

Helping you to find the phish

IA and HITS are gearing up to conduct a phased, anti-phishing educational awareness campaign throughout all of Michigan Medicine.
Phishing spelled on a keyboard

Register now for Enriching Scholarship 2018

Registration for Enriching Scholarship is now open. Over 100 free sessions will be offered May 7–11.
Phishing spelled on a keyboard

Workshop offers IT tips for research travel

A series of workshops on campus called "Designing Your Research Trip" can help keep your tech connected and secure while traveling.
A group of researchers traveling together

Michigan Medicine keeps smartphones smart… and secure

For nearly a year, Michigan Medicine has used AirWatch to safely access secure internal resources on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Person interacting with a smartphone

Campus News

  • CCIDs to supplant uniqnames
  • Gupta Family Hackathon spurs health communication innovation
  • UMSI wins recognition from CHI
  • SI professors win outstanding educator awards from Coursera
  • Computer Showcase relocates during renovation
  • New center to promote social media responsibility, tackle fake news
  • U-M launches Data Science Master’s Program
  • Plus much more...

Jobs, Training & Events

  • CoP Meetings: Agile Development, Contact Centers, Data Integration, Storage, Project Management
  • ITS offers additional training in AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Academic Innovation events for spring and summer
  • Spring training with Collab Services
  • Upcoming IT4U webinars focus on data
  • The Silver Lining - Addressing Challenges faced by Women in STEM, April 2
  • Dissonance Event: Elections in the Digital Age—Security, Policy, and the Law, April 4
  • Integrated Product Development: Technology to Maintain Senior Health, April 4
  • Technology, Innovation and Diversity: Women and men creating technology together, and defining our future, April 6
  • Digital What? Building Digital Research and Making Communities at U-M, April 6
  • SparkSQL and DataFrames with PySpark, April 17
  • Student-Made Video Games Showcase, April 17
  • IBM’s Watson, April 18

Safe Computing

  • Report phishing to
  • Need to two-factor while traveling?
  • MS Office doc dangers: Macros & enabled content pose risks

Projects & Services

  • U-M Box & Google Monthly Digest
  • Outcomes of March Web Platforms Town Hall
  • WiFi update
  • M-Pathways Student Administration upgrade coming May 2018, outage planned
  • Michigan Medicine completes NAC project
  • ServiceLink adds mobile app enhancements and more
  • Michigan App released for public beta
  • New research computing package for Michigan Medicine

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