Message from the VPIT-CIO

Michigan IT needs to be one step ahead, which can be challenging because our researchers are moving so quickly. One of the ways we do this is through innovative thinking.
Kelli Trosvig, vice president for IT and chief information officer

Electronic Research Notebook: A tech tool for simplifying research data management

HITS and the Michigan Medicine Office of Research will soon make a new Electronic Research Notebook tool available at no cost to all Michigan Medicine faculty, students, and staff.
Two Scientist Looking at the Computer Monitor

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Take some time this month to learn how to protect your identity, information, and accounts. Here’s what Information Assurance has planned for October.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Our Shared Responsibility

Campus News

  • Adapting technology to enhance Michigan Medicine’s mission: Q&A with Ranjit Aiyagari, MD
  • Meet the Contact Centers CoP
  • ITS helps improve cell coverage at the Big House
  • First-day WiFi traffic triples
  • U-M participation with HDI
  • HITS celebrates one year anniversary; publishes year in review
  • Plus much more...

Training & Events

  • CoP Meetings: Women in IT, GIS, Agile, Project Management, Data Integration, Storage, and Contact Centers
  • UMSI Bicentennial Symposium on Information, Technology, Libraries and Entrepreneurship
  • What’s new with Canvas
  • ITS cloud training: Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • SUMIT_2017: U-M's cyber security conference
  • Weapons of math destruction
  • Celebrate GIS Day Nov. 15
  • New anti-phishing education course available
  • 2017 MIDAS Symposium happens Oct. 11
  • Want to improve cross-team collaboration?

Safe Computing

  • Michigan Medicine IT security projects
  • Turn on two-factor for Weblogin
  • Protection from malicious websites on UM-Ann Arbor networks

Projects & Services

  • agreement renewed three years
  • U-M Box & Google monthly digest
  • WiFi update
  • HITS introduces new online service portal
  • CTools offers download tool & clinics for project sites migration

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U-M Office of the Vice President for IT & CIO