Message from the VPIT-CIO

As IT professionals, we’re often straddling two worlds: the world of the present and the world of the future. The proliferation of big data and maturity of cloud services presents a tremendous opportunity to define a clearer path between them.
Kelli Trosvig, vice president for IT and chief information officer

Charting new territory in metrics at U-M

Information Quest and the Office of Budget and Planning have partnered and launched two new dashboards this fiscal year: University Metrics and Michigan Metrics.
IQ: Information Quest

Role & access management: The future of easier, more secure access to U-M resources

This year, U-M will take advantage of strong campus partnerships and newly available technology to make an enterprisewide solution for role and access management a reality.
An illustration depicts a digital access management system

Smoother sailing: Custom data analytics apps at CoE

The College of Engineering is creating custom, analytical applications to help administrators leverage the vast amounts of information available in U-M enterprise systems.
An illustration depicting forward motion shows a team of rowers paddling while a leader stands at the bow, gazing through a telescope

College of Pharmacy introduces secure testing with ExamSoft

The College of Pharmacy implemented a new, secure testing solution for high-stakes exams. ExamSoft allows for comprehensive assessment at the student and program level.
Gundy Sweet, Pharm.D, views a summary report generated by ExamSoft to assess student performance

HITS and ITS partner to FREE THE DATA

A new and improved API Directory will provide a rich repository for developers, researchers, and others to conveniently and securely use institutional data.
An open padlock overlays circuit board graphics

Patient Portal reaches 300k users; OpenNotes coming soon

Michigan Medicine’s Patient Portal allows patients to view their health history and test results, make online payments, schedule appointments, and much more.
A login screen for Michigan Medicine's Patient Portal

Campus News

  • HITS staffers share research tools at BRCF Showcase
  • Michigan Medicine wins ‘Most Wired’ award
  • Michigan IT News wants YOU!
  • HITS improves its online presence
  • HITS volunteers upgrade tech at Ronald McDonald House
  • MCity uses AR to help test automated vehicles
  • U-M participates with Help Desk Institute
  • Social media enhances LSA bicentennial event
  • U-M wins NCWIT NEXT Award
  • Plus much more...

Training & Events

  • Save the date: Michigan IT Symposium is Nov. 20–21, 2017
  • CoP Meetings: Agile, Digital Signage, Storage
  • Watch: UMSI hosts virtual reality CoP
  • IT innovation group to explore interfaces, drones
  • Register for free diversity, equity, and inclusion courses
  • Upcoming teach-outs address how tech affects our lives
  • UMich Rails Presents - Container Explainers
  • IT4U live webinar on The New U-M Box
  • Researchpalooza

Safe Computing

  • Don’t reuse your UMICH password
  • New U-M policy makes software purchases easier

Projects & Services

  • New data science computing platform
  • ITS Status Page moves to the cloud July 27
  • HITS launches online journal to showcase biomedical research
  • U-M Box & Google Monthly Digest
  • E-signature service comes to campus
  • MStaff 200 brings WiFi to the Diag
  • WiFi update

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