Student Administrative Domain

There are six modules that comprise the Student Administration System:

  • Campus Community
  • Curriculum
  • Financial Aid
  • Recruiting/Admissions
  • Student Financials
  • Student Records

Student Administration Strategic Advisory Committee (SASAC)


The purpose of the committee is to provide guidance and oversight across Student Administration information and technology assets for the strategic prioritization and optimization of those assets in support of the University's vision, mission and strategic imperatives. This committee will assist the Senior Vice Provost in his role as the Student Administration Domain Steward in the Administrative Domain.


The scope of the committee includes information and technology assets that support administrative processing for Student Administration areas, including but not limited to:

  • Recruiting, Admission Application, Evaluation, Orientation, Examinations & Testing
  • Curriculum Maintenance, Enrollment, Grading, Records, Transcripts, Advising, Degree Audit & Teaching Evaluations
  • Financial Aid Application, Awarding & Disbursement, Student Accounting, Billing, Collections & Student General Ledger
  • Global Engagement, including M-Compass and the Travel Registry

Campus advisory groups focusing on specific areas will provide information to SASAC where appropriate. Active advisory groups are:

  • Recruiting & Admissions Advisory Group
    Provides a forum for schools and colleges to have input into the processes of recruiting and admissions. This advisory group is currently known as ASP (Admitting Systems Production group).

  • Student Records, Curriculum & Academic Advisory Group
    Provides a forum for schools and colleges to have input into the processes of Academic Advising, Academic Honors, Academic Milestones, Academic Standing and Dismissal, Course Setup, Class and Room Scheduling, Degree Audit, Enrollment, Grading, Graduation, Student Group Tracking, Transfer Credit and Unofficial Transcript Production.

  • Financial Aid Advisory Group


  • Lester P. Monts, Senior Vice Provost (Domain Steward)
  • Judy Aldrich, ITS Assistant Director for Student Administration (Chairperson)
  • Philip Deloria, Associate Dean, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
  • Lisa Emery, ITS Product Manager, Student Administration
  • Michael Hague, Student Business Operations Director, Financial Operations
  • James Holloway, Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Ann Hower, Director, Office of New Student Programs
  • Peter Hurley, Associate Director, Office of Financial Aid
  • Joann McDaniel, Assistant Dean, School of Art and Design
  • Elaine Nowak, Product Manager, Student Administration
  • Rex Patterson, Director of ITS Services, Rackham Graduate School
  • Paul Robinson, University Registrar, Office of the Registrar
  • Ted Spencer, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Gretchen Weir, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Student Administration Strategic Advisory Committee meetings are held three or four times a year. At minimum, there will be one meeting during fall term, one during winter term, and one during the summer. Minutes of each meeting are kept and will be posted.