Role & Access Management Project

Simplifying access for all

Access to University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine resources is often managed on a service-by-service basis. The Role and Access Management Project (RAMP) selected and began to build a tool for U-M units to strategically and proactively manage access to university digital and physical resources.

With the end of the EIAM program in June 2018, the joint project between Health Information & Technology Services (HITS) and Information and Technology Services (ITS) continue to work together on common governance. 

Identity Governance, the tool selected to provide role-based access, will:

  • Streamline and automate access to systems and physical resources based on business roles and functions
  • Provide a method to combine system access permissions into meaningful and descriptive roles that can be assigned to individuals
  • Increase transparency about access assignments by providing robust reporting for multiple purposes, including audits, governance, and user support
  • Enhance security when an employee leaves a department or the university


  • Gathered requirements - Conducted more than 30 interviews across all U-M campuses, including Michigan Medicine, to better understand current state and improvement areas
  • Selected vendor and finalized contract - Partnered with academic, clinical, and administrative units to complete a thorough Request for Proposal (RFP) process, and signed contract in January 2018 with Micro Focus for Identity Governance software
  • Selected partners for early engagement - ITS selected several groups for early engagement to demonstrate and validate the tool’s key functions
  • Drafted an operational framework - Documented best practices and shared guiding principles for managing Identity Governance including application onboarding practices and common governance for campus and Michigan Medicine

The joint project between Health Information & Technology Services (HITS) and Information and Technology Services (ITS) at the end of the EIAM Program in June 2018. See News & Updates for improvement details in the status report. 


The two groups continued efforts to automate access using Identity Governance:

  • Early adoption period for academic campus
    The ITS Identity Governance Early Adoption project concluded in March 2019. During the project, the project team worked closely with the College of Engineering, Shared Services Center, and UM-Dearborn. The team demonstrated the Identity Governance tool’s key features by automatically granting and revoking the right access at the right time for a targeted population of individuals in select systems. Learn more about Identity Governance and automated access on the academic campus.
  • Michigan Medicine Pilots
    For questions about Identity Governance at Michigan Medicine, please contact the HITS Service Desk: