Federation Project

Project complete: Designing a bridge for data exchange

At the University of Michigan, students, faculty, staff, and researchers collaborate daily with groups across campus. Identity federation, or the ability to use an identity from one domain to access resources in another domain, is key to enabling our academic, research, and clinical missions.

The Federation project took initial steps to streamline how the the academic campus and Michigan Medicine share and consume each other's identity and group data. When used in the future, the new option for exchanging data will be more secure, improve user experiences, and reduce unnecessary administrative burden.


  • Designed a method for exchanging identity data between campus and Michigan Medicine.
  • Designed an updated screen to inform users when their identity data is shared with service providers outside of U-M. The screen will be released in production after review and approval.
  • Created and reviewed documentation and other materials to support common processes and policies at Michigan Medicine and the academic campus.

The project completed in July 2018. See News & Updates for improvement details in the status report. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, please contact the EIAM program team.