Account Lifecycle Optimization Project

Project complete: Improving current IAM solutions

While many EIAM program efforts laid a foundation for bigger things to come, the Account Lifecycle Optimization project focused on identifying the university’s current pain points with IAM-related processes and tools—and improving them wherever possible!

Completed improvements

Password & account support

  • Improved UMICH (Level-1) self-service password reset experience by replacing security question process with account recovery channels
  • Added option for account recovery via mobile phone number in addition to the option for using non-UMICH email address
  • Began collecting external email addresses and mobile phone numbers during the account setup process for account recovery if password is forgotten
  • Piloted process to prompt users to review account recovery information during Weblogin to improve future self-service password reset experience 
  • Improved self-service options for Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password users
  • Consolidated location for Michigan Medicine (Level-2) account changes
  • Updated image of Michigan Medicine (Level-2) login screens to have consistent look and feel
  • Expedited customer service using improved tools

Uniqname creation & account app

The new uniqname creation process replaced the OTID number from the standard onboarding email with a web link for verification. Other highlights of the modern, more intuitive process include:

  • Mobile-friendly web design for students and staff on the go
  • More timely and accurate data with near real-time database updates
  • Expedited support resulting in fewer delays for new Wolverines
  • Flexible design allows for future use by other U-M groups

Additional improvements

  • Offered more thorough and consistent information for medical researchers joining U-M Michigan Medicine community to improve access and productivity
  • Documented onboarding and offboarding process flows and updated automated email messages for consistency​
  • Simplified the onboarding and offboarding experience for individuals joining the university
  • Enhanced Michigan Medicine tools for Service Desk Support, Account Administration, and Group Management

The project completed in June 2018. See News and Updates for improvement details in the status report. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, please contact the EIAM program team.