Enterprise Identity and Access Management Program

Empowering Collaboration, Simplifying Access, Uniting U-M

Imagine a researcher at the School of Dentistry who needs three different U-M accounts to do her daily work, or an LSA administrator who lacks current guidelines on how to request appropriate access for a new hire, or a clinical professor at Michigan Medicine who has to switch between different U-M accounts to use the U-M resources he needs when he moves from teaching to clinical care.

"Who you are at U-M" is the key to getting access to the university resources you need. With more individuals joining the university community with the need for a U-M account and with increasing complexity for securing data, the university’s current approach to managing U-M accounts and access to its systems and services needs to change.

Introducing the Enterprise Identity and Access Management Program: the universitywide Identity and Access Management effort to improve how people obtain and use U-M accounts and access U-M resources.