Enterprise Identity and Access Management Program

Empowering Collaboration, Simplifying Access, Uniting U-M

The Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIAM) program at U-M coordinated IAM efforts for all four U-M campuses to improve and simplify the technology and administrative processes that allow authorized individuals to access U-M resources. The initiative was jointly funded by the Office of the Provost and Michigan Medicine between January 2017 and June 2018.

Team members from Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) worked together to reduce pain points and plan for improvements to how access to services are granted into the future. We expanded our understanding of what campus and Michigan Medicine need, and made significant strides to strengthen identity and access management governance and processes at Michigan.

Why identity and access management?

"Who you are at U-M" is the key to getting access to the university resources you need. With more individuals joining the university community with the need for a U-M account and with increasing complexity for securing data, the university’s current approach to managing U-M accounts and access to its systems and services needed improvements.

Imagine a researcher at the School of Dentistry who needs three different U-M accounts to do her daily work, or an LSA administrator who lacks current guidelines on how to request appropriate access for a new hire, or a clinical professor at Michigan Medicine who has to switch between different U-M accounts to use the U-M resources he needs when he moves from teaching to clinical care

Introducing the Enterprise Identity and Access Management Program: the universitywide Identity and Access Management effort to improve how people obtain and use U-M accounts and access U-M resources.