FINAL NOTICE: Your SiteMaker Sites go offline October 30

To: All remaining site owners and unit admins


Date: Wed, 10-28-15

Subject line: FINAL NOTICE: Your SiteMaker Sites go offline October 30


You are receiving this message because our records show that you are the owner or co-owner of one or more SiteMaker sites. You may disregard this message if you have already arranged to have your SiteMaker site(s) deleted, archived, moved to another service, or contacted the ITS Service Center.

As we have notified you in past messages (, on October 30, 2015, all remaining SiteMaker sites will be taken offline and they will no longer be viewable or accessible. Sites can only be archived or deleted after that date. On November 30, 2015 ITS will decommission SiteMaker and all remaining sites will be deleted. These changes are taking place as part of the SiteMaker Transition project (

Here is what you need to do:

+ Go to the SiteMaker home page ( and select My Websites in the upper left to find your site(s).

+ If you no longer need your site(s): you can ignore this message and your site will deleted when the service is decommissioned or you can contact the ITS Service Center ( to request an archive containing the site’s files. (Please do not reply to this email.)

+ If you want to keep your site(s): Review the options available ( for moving them out of SiteMaker. The project team has compiled a list of alternative Web hosting services ( for consideration.

For more details view the project roadmap ( and read the latest project updates ( for details. Please contact the ITS Service Center ( if you have questions or concerns, or need assistance. Thank you!

The SiteMaker Project Team