Project & Service Updates: #SiteMaker Transition Project Enters Final Phase


#SiteMaker Transition Project Enters Final Phase

In January 2014 Information and Technology Services (ITS) launched the SiteMaker Transition Project. Since then, the project team has been moving, archiving, and deleting SiteMaker sites in anticipation of decommissioning the service at the end of 2015. We have now entered the final phase of this project and would like to provide a brief update on our progress, as well as an overview of what will happen over the next few months.

-- Since the project launch, our outreach efforts have included the creation of a comprehensive project site with detailed support documentation, and multiple communications and updates to the SiteMaker user community and U-M IT staff.

-- The project team has completed over 600 site deletions and archives, performed over 150 consultations, and assisted in over 100 site transitions to alternate services.

-- In June 2014, ITS removed the ability to create new SiteMaker sites. As of August 2015, edits are no longer permitted and all sites are now read-only.

Here is what’s coming up:

-- On October 30, 2015, all remaining SiteMaker sites will be taken offline. They will not be viewable or accessible. Sites can only be archived or deleted after that date. On November 30, 2015, ITS will decommission SiteMaker.

-- The project team is pursuing a proactive communications strategy over these final months that includes direct messages to all remaining site owners, with additional targeted emails to owners of sites that have been active over the past two years.

-- They will also continue to reach out directly to SiteMaker administrators and campus IT staff as well as post notices and articles in various campus publications and on U-M websites.

About two years ago, ITS reviewed its service portfolio to identify offerings that were nearing end-of-life. The SiteMaker Transition Project is the result of that review, and is supported by university leadership and IT governance. By decommissioning outdated technology, we will be able to better meet the changing needs of the university, reduce costs, and advance U-M’s teaching, learning, and research activities.

Visit the SiteMaker Transition Project website for more information: