September Project Update

Below is a summary of the latest SiteMaker Transition Project activities:

  • Recent Transition Activity:

    • University of Michigan Herbarium: Consulting on solutions for large database with customized searches.

    • Medical School: The project team has received 320 archive requests from MSIS and efforts are underway to complete them.

    • College of Engineering: Consulting on solutions for Academic Standing applications. Finalized migration timeline.

    • Office of the Provost: Working on final support documentation on site migrations.

    • LSA ISS: Working with staff to support migrations to WordPress and other alternative solutions.

    • Remaining open consultations are being finalized to gather requirements for migration to alternative services, and all remaining archive and delete requests are in progress.

Total Activity: 312 sites archived, 130 in process with approximately 150 outstanding. Over 300 sites deleted to date.

  • Milestones: On August, 28 2015, SiteMaker sites became read-only and the ability to make site edits ended. There have been relatively few resulting service requests with no significant reports from the ITS Service Center as a result of this change. On October 30, 2015 all remaining SiteMaker sites will be taken offline. They will not be viewable or accessible. Sites can only be archived after that date. On November 30, 2015 ITS will decommission SiteMaker.

  • Communications: A final targeted email reminder re: the August 28 read-only milestone was sent to 631 site owners on 8/26. The communications plan for archiving and decommissioning is complete and under review. The team will send direct messages to all remaining site owners, with additional targeted emails to owners of sites that have been active over the past two years. They will also continue to reach out directly to SiteMaker administrators and campus IT staff, as well as post notices and articles in various campus publications and on U-M websites.

  • Strategic Direction: The project team is addressing open action items to assist campus in future migration efforts and will continue to evaluate additional alternative solutions to support data table dependent sites. The team has also met with ITS Service Center management to confirm requirements to support the read-only environment, and will work with them to provide support over the final project phase and after decommissioning.