ACTION NEEDED: Your SiteMaker Sites become read-only August 28

From: ITS <its.inform>

To: Active sites owner list (670 recipients)

Date: Wed July 29

Subject line: ACTION NEEDED: Your SiteMaker Sites become read-only August 28



You are receiving this message because our records show that you are the owner of the following SiteMaker site(s):


(You may disregard this message if you are no longer responsible for the site(s) listed above or if you have already moved them from SiteMaker.)

The next major milestone for the SiteMaker Transition project will happen on August 28, 2015. At that time, all SiteMaker sites will become read-only. Sites will remain accessible for viewing, but after that date no edits will be possible. View the project roadmap for details on functionality changes in the "read-only" SiteMaker environment, and read the latest project updates for more information.

Here is what you need to do:

  • If you no longer need your site(s), contact the ITS Service Center to have them archived and/or deleted.

  • If you want to keep your site(s), review the options available to you for moving them out of SiteMaker before the service is decommissioned at the end of November 2015. The project team has compiled a list of alternative Web hosting services for consideration.

The Sitemaker Transition project supports the ITS mission of providing an unparalleled IT environment to accelerate creativity and innovation by U-M faculty, students, and staff, which in turn supports the university’s teaching, learning and research activities. By replacing unsupported, outdated technology with more robust web development platforms that offer advanced capabilities, we will be able to better meet the changing needs of the university, as well as reduce costs.

Thank you and please contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions or concerns.

The SiteMaker Project Team