November Project Update

Below is a summary of the latest SiteMaker Transition Project activities:

  • Vendor Selection: ITS issued a request for proposal on September 22 with an extended submission deadline of November 7. Zoho—the makers of Creator and a key potential vendor that ITS partnered with for the project pilot—did not respond to the RFP and is no longer under consideration for this RFP. Two other vendors did submit proposals. We have begun our review of them and intend to report our results later this month. Because of this delay we have adjusted our roadmap milestones. (Read our original posting for more details.)

  • Transitions: On October 15, the project team sent out a second survey/feedback form to site owners who had not responded to previous messages. The survey garnered 180 responses, which included 100 deletion requests, 43 archive requests, and 81 consultation requests. To date we have completed 45 deletion requests, 29 archive requests, and 10 consultation requests.

  • Milestones: The next major milestone for the project happens at the end of August, 2015. At that time SiteMaker sites will become read-only and the ability to make site edits will end. View the project roadmap for more information.