Sitemaker Delete Confirmation

from: Cathy Crouch

to: Requestors of site deletions

date: Wed, May 21, 2014 at 3:47 PM

subject: Sitemaker Delete Confirmation


This is a follow-up message regarding your response to the Sitemaker Transition survey you took last month.  You requested that your Sitemaker sites where no longer in use and should be deleted. Because this can not be undone, we ask that you, please send us the name of the site(s) you want deleted as a confirmation. You can find a list of your sites at:

Send your response to the ITS Service Center.   If you have any additional questions about site deletions, a Service Center representative will be able to assist you.

Thank You.

Cathy Crouch


Catherine Crouch
Business Systems Analyst
Teaching and Learning 
Information & Technology Services
University of Michigan