SiteMaker Transition Update


ITS recently announced the formation of the SiteMaker Transition Project. This campus-wide effort will evaluate how to best move active SiteMaker accounts to alternative services that have the potential to provide the U-M community with better web development tools at a lower cost. (Read the previous article.)

Below is a summary of the latest SiteMaker Transition Project activities:

  • Pilot users participated in a focus group on March 3 to review their testing to date and to provide feedback on moving forward with Zoho Creator as a potential replacement for SiteMaker data tables functionality. The overall feedback from the group was in favor of pursuing Zoho Creator as a viable alternative to Sitemaker. Specifically, they reported that Zoho Creator:
    • Had a user interface that was simple to navigate
    • Imported existing data sources such as MS Access, FileMaker, CSV, and Google Spreadsheets
    • Was easy to use and that its agility allowed for quick updates
  • The Zoho Creator pilot group will conclude at the end of March and additional debriefs and feedback sessions will be used to inform next steps for the project. This group will also play a key role in the development of a campus-wide Zoho Creator implementation proposal to ITS.
  • On March 20, SiteMaker Service Manager John Johnston attended the Zoho Creator Developer Conference to help gain insight on how other institutions have used this product. While there he:
    • Met with Creator development team to discuss U-M priorities
    • Was given an exclusive preview of the next version of the product
    • Discussed upcoming Creator integrations between Google and Box
    • Networked with consultants and other institutions to discuss possible partnerships
    • Qualified for the Creator developer certification (pending testing) which would give U-M a discount on services and priority support

To stay informed about developments regarding SiteMaker, subscribe to the project Updates RSS feed. The project site also has a calendar with key dates and milestones, a project roadmap, and other resources.