Project Team - ServiceLink



Name Title & Affiliation (ITS unless otherwise noted)
Jim Bujaki Executive Director, Infrastructure Services & Operations
Holly Nielsen Director of Application and Information Services
Amy Wang Executive Director for Support Services


Name Role
Cassandra L Carson ServiceLink Project Owner
Andrea J Stevens Service Management Service Owner
Jennifer Swaney ServiceLink Project Manager
Katarina Thomas ServiceLink Project Manager - CSDC


Distribution List  Description
ServiceLink Project Core Team Core Team Project Leads representing ITS, CSDC, IT in LSA and AST
ServiceLink Project Full Team All ServiceLink Project Team Resources


IT in LSA / David Sweetman Ali BerryDennis Patrick BlayWilliam T BinghamPeggy Kelley HerronPeter KnoopMatt OlexEric Max Pinaud
ITS Service Center / Beth Farrell Tracy FischerMaria Stanton
MiWorkspace / Tim Kelly Tier 1: Holly Schell
Tier 2 (neighborhood IT): John Hufziger
Depot:  Aaron Gohsman
Project development team, end-to-end oversight & tier 3: Rhian Copeland
Elle Loesch
Dick Boyd
ITScomm leadership: Amy Brooks
CSDC Operations: Terri Griffis
ITS Operations, Communications Services: William CameronGwen Patterson
ITS Data Centers: Giovanna Amico-Tessmer
NOC: Connie Bergen
Trouble Ticket Billing: Colleen Asel
ITS Operations, Network Services: Michael Bear, Ed Dye
CSDC Operations, ITS Operations, Video Services: Timothy Polk
ITS Comm Engineering - Network: Tom Hicks
ITS Comm Engineering Facilities Planning: Lew Hehnlin
ITS Comm Engineering - Voice: Pradip Patel
ITS Comm Engineering Wireless: Justin Hehnlin
ITS Comm Business Services - PM: Karen Winston-Brown
Reporting/Capital/Infrastructure: Karen Samford
ITS Comm Business Services - TA: Gina Carpenter
Assignments: Mike Ancrile
Drafting: Wendy Goddard
Billing: Martha Krips
Finance: Jackie Carpenter
Remote Billing/Vendor Contracts: Mary Blair
CSDC Procurement and Distribution: Mike Jones
ITS Comm Business Services Field Svces: Frank Carlesimo
PM Resource Pool: Katarina Thomas
AIS ETL: Kelly Doonan-Reed
PSA Resource Pool: Jenny Jalet
Core Infrastructure / Chris Wood System Support: Janet Bullerman
DBA: Timothy J ChapinAmber MaddenKunal Bansal
ITS Data Centers: Giovanna Amico-Tessmer
Storage: Michael Garrison
VSI: Joe Lubomirski
Windows Infrastructure: Ed ThierbachPaul Hanadel
Core Services / Deborah Gowan Windows Enterprise Systems (WES): Tara Horton
Collaboration: Kris Steinhoff
Application & Windows Infrast. (AWI): Jena Osman
Systems and Middleware: Jeremy Fisher
AIS / Cathy Handyside Application Technology and Architecture: Yonghee Stevens
DART: Lil Mazza
Enabling Technologies: Carolyn Rockafellow
eResearch: Kevin Bilbrey
HCM/SA/Fin: Amy Lawrence 
IAM: Christine Pellar-Kosbar
Teaching & Learning: Jeff Ziegler
IIA / Mike Lowry Mike Lowry